To edit the API settings in WishList Member, navigate to the Advanced Options menu inside WishList Member. Then, select the “API” sub-menu.

You can edit the following options:

The available WordPress-style functions let you connect to and interact with WishList Member inside of plugins and themes that you write (that will be installed in the same WordPress install as WishList Member).

The API documentation is available here: https://codex.wishlistproducts.com

  • API Key. This key is used by developers to access the WishList Member API. It is also used by certain WishList Member integrations. Any integrations that use the API key would need to be updated and reconnected if this key is modified.
  • The API URL option is not editable, but is also required for developers to access the WishList Member API.

You can also check out the WishList Member API 2.0 Documentation and Wrapper Class

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