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Authorize.net – Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB)

This is how to integrate WishList Member™ with Authorize.net – Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB). To get started, click the Setup menu inside WishList Member™. Next, click the Integrations sub-menu. And, finally, select Authorize.net Recurring Billing from the list of payment providers.

Next, log in to your Authorize.net account and select the Account page. Click the API Credentials and Transaction Key link.

On this page, copy the API Login ID and paste that into the box provided inside WishList Member™ Head back to the API login ID and Transaction Key section inside Authorize.net and either copy your current transaction key, or use this interface to create a new transaction key if you don’t know your current one.

Once you have your Transaction Key, head back to WishList Member™ and paste that value in the box provided.

Next, click on the “Settings” tab. Verify the Support Email is what you’d like it to be and select the credit card types you’d like to accept on your site:

Next, click on the “Payment Form” tab. Here you can adjust the settings for how your payment form will look. Set these according to your preference:

Finally, click “Save and Close”

You’ll now see a box called “Silent Post URL”:

Copy this URL and head back to Authorize.net. Again, under the “Account” tab, click on the “Silent Post URL” link:

Paste the URL you copied into the box provided and click “Submit”:

At this point, Authorize.net Recurring Billing and WishList Member™ are fully configured to “talk” to one another. Now, you simply need to create your products and place your payment buttons on your sales pages.

To do that, select the “Products” tab and click the “Add New Product” button:

Here, you can give this product a name (usually will just match your membership level name), select which levels your members get access to when they purchase this product (the “Access” setting), whether it’s a one-time payment or subscription and all the details of the subscription (if you choose that option):

Simply, set this up according to your preference and then click the “Save and Close” button.

WARNING: Authorize.net does not process subscription transactions in real time. Creating a subscription transaction successfully does not guarantee subscription payments will process through your Authorize.net account successfully.

Subscription transactions are processed at approximately 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time on scheduled payment dates. Therefore, the first scheduled transaction is not sent to the customer’s bank for authorization until approximately 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the start date that you specify when you create the subscription in your Authorize.net account.

If you create a subscription with a start date that equals the creation date, the first scheduled payment does not process until after 2:00 a.m. the following day. This is purely a function of how Authorize.net’s recurring billing works. WishList Member™ has no control over this. You can read more about Authorize.net Recurring Billing and Subscriptions here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The integration charges a one cent ($0.01) payment to the card when a subscription is created in order to ensure the credit card is valid. That payment is immediately refunded once the card is validated successfully.

Next, head over to the page or post where you’d like to insert your purchase button for this product. Click the “Add New Block” button and enter “classic” in the search bar. Then, select the Classic block from the list:

In the Classic block, click on the blue WishList Member icon, then select Integrations > Authorize.net (ARB) Integration > Name of Your Product from the dropdown list:

This will insert a shortcode into your page:

This will insert a purchase link into your page:

When clicked, a payment form will appear where new members can enter their payment information, buy this product and register to the selected membership level:

So, you’re all set at this point.

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