There is an integration option between WishList Member and Digistore24.

You can set up WishList Member as a connection in Digistore24 to create the integration.

Once logged into your Digistore24 account, you can navigate to the Settings > Integrations (IPN) section and use the blue “Add new connection” button to add WishList Member.


You can then scroll past the “CRM and Autoresponders” section and select WishList Member from the “Membership sites” section in Digistore24.


An Instructions section posted by Digistore24 will appear and you can run through the steps to create the connection between WishList Member and Digistore24.


Select a Name for the connection and the product(s) to be included. Other options include selecting if this will also be applied to add-ons and desired languages. (Tool Tips within Digistore24 help explain these options in their system).

Two important pieces of information from WishList Member are the API URL and API Key. Once those are added and saved in Digistore24, the SKU(s) needed to complete the connection set up will be available.

Note: The API URL and API Key can be found in the Setup > Integrations > Payment Providers > Digistore24 section of WishList Member.

Below is a Screenshot example of that section in WishList Member showing the API URL and API Key.


Back in Digistore24, the required SKU(s) will appear when the API URL and API Key are entered and the blue “Save” button is clicked.


Once the API URL and API Key have been added to Digistore24, the SKU can be copied and pasted into the field in Digistore24. Click the blue Save button to finish.

The connection is now set up between WishList Member and Digistore24.

Anyone who buys the Digistore24 product will be added to the corresponding Level in WishList Member.

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