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Edit User / Member Profile / Dashboard

WishList Member uses the WordPress database to create member access so a member account is based on a WordPress user account.

This means the member can use the WordPress profile section to adjust their account (password, etc.).

This page is powered by WordPress.

WishList Member 3.0 and higher includes a Profile Form Mergecode that can be inserted into a page or post.

Profile Form Mergecode: [wlm_profileform]

Adding that code to the content section of a page or post will insert a Profile Form.

This mergecode does not need to be added to the HTML of a page/post. It can be added to the content area.

Additional mergecodes can also be used to display additional information as well.

Note: There is a WishList Member Mergecode / Shortcode insert option that appears on Pages and Posts in the WordPress Classic Block editor when using Gutenberg.

This is a quick way to add Mergecodes or Shortcodes to a page or post.

(Another option to generate and copy a shortcode or merge code is the Shortcode Creator found on the WishList Member Dashboard)

Profile Form Mergecode:

The Profile Form mergecode allows the member to edit account details.

Note: The example below used the Gold Level for the Join Date and Expiration Date mergecodes.

Profile Form: [wlm_profileform]

Profile URL: [wlm_profileurl]

RSS Feed: [wlm_rss]

Join Date: [wlm_joindate Gold]

Expiration Date: [wlm_expiration Gold]

Membership Levels: [wlm_memberlevel]

Below is an example of the above Mergecodes inserted into a page in the WordPress page editor.

This will result in a profile form being displayed, including First Name, Last Name, etc.

The logged in member can edit the account info included email address, name, etc. They can also change their password.

Some additional optional shortcodes displayed are the Profile URL, the member’s unique RSS Feed and info that is Level specific such as Join Date and Expiration Date.

The Membership Level(s) the member belongs to can also be listed.

Below is an example of how this appears on the site.

More details regarding the stored location of the image file can be found in the Profile Form – Image Location Knowledge Base article.

WordPress Profile Section:

If you are wanting to edit/customize the WordPress profile section, you could look into available plugins that will allow you to edit the WordPress profile section. (This is separate from the Profile Page generated by the Profile Form Mergecode mentioned above).

There are some plugins available in the WordPress plugin directly you can check out to see if they fit your needs.

A search for “User Profile” brings up some options.

You can search for these in the WordPress Plugins Directory.

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