The WishList Member integration with Elementor adds the ability to protect and set access for the sections and inner sections within the Elements.

The integration simply needs to be Enabled in order to be used. This functionality is explained in the Setup > Integrations > Other Services > Elementor section in WishList Member.

“Configuration is not required within WishList Member for this integration. The integration is either enabled or disabled.

While the integration is enabled, WishList Member will add a setting within Elementor related to the display of Elementor Sections and Inner Sections.

The setting is available in the Advanced Options tab of all Sections and Inner Sections within Elementor.”

Sections and Inner Sections can be set within Elementor to be shown to All Users, Non-Members, Members IN set Levels, Members NOT in set Levels.

The WishList Member options appear in the Advanced section of the Section in Elementor.

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