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Email Broadcasts

Navigate to the Administration menu in WishList Member. Then, select the “Email Broadcasts” sub-menu.

Here you will see a list of any past email broadcasts you may have sent. To adjust the global settings for email broadcasts, click the “Settings” button.

In the “Can Spam” tab in the pop-up that appears, you can set the contact information for the email sender. This is required to be attached to all broadcast emails by CAN-SPAM law and therefore, you must set this information before WishList Member will send broadcast emails.

In addition, you can adjust the notification a member will receive when they unsubscribe to email broadcasts by clicking on the “Member Unsubscribed Notification” tab.

To send a new Email Broadcast, click on the “+” icon next at the top of the screen.

Here you can set the following options for your broadcast:

  • From Name. The name the email will be sent from.
  • From Email. The email address the email will be sent from.
  • Send To. Select to send to recipients in particular membership levels or send to recipients based on a Saved Search.
  • Membership Level. If “Membership Levels” is chosen in the Send To option, the membership levels you would like to send the email to. If “Saved Searches” is chosen in the Send To option, the saved search you would like to send the email to.
  • Subject.The subject line for the email.
  • Message. The message for the email. You can send plain text or HTML emails. You can also use the “Insert Merge Code” box to insert member data (name, email, etc) into the email.
  • Signature. A signature line for the email.
  • Copy Admin. Select whether or not to send a copy of the email to the administrator’s email address.

Once you’ve set all your options accordingly, click the “Preview Broadcast” button.

If you are satisfied with the preview, click the “Send Broadcast” button. If not, you can choose to “Cancel” or “Edit Broadcast”.

Please Note: If you see a red icon beside the number in the Recipients column after a Broadcast has been sent, that means that some emails were not sent. If you click the number beside it, you can see the failures and have the option to resend.

If you click the number, it shows how many were not sent and if you resend, it will only try to send again to the one(s) that failed.

Updated on June 3, 2020

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