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Export Members

To export members from a site, navigate to Members > Export.

You can export members according to the following options:

Membership Levels
You can choose to exports only members from particular levels OR you can export all members from all levels. Select your desired option from the dropdown box provided.

Additional Options
You can set the following additional options:

  • Export Full Data. If selected, WishList Member will export the full record for each member including any data added by WordPress and other plugins.
  • Include Password (Encrypted). Whether or not to include existing passwords of members. Keep in mind, passwords are stored as encrypted in the WordPress database. The passwords are not “view-able” as plain text in the Export file but existing members will be able to login with their username and password if they are imported into WishList Member on another site.
  • Include Inactive Members. Should the export included members considered “inactive”? This would include cancelled and expired members.

Once you have set the settings for this export accordingly, click the “Export Members” button to process the export.

Updated on April 10, 2019

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