GetResponse API

To get started, navigate to Setup > Integrations > Email Providers inside WishList Member™ and select GetResponse from the list of Email Providers.

Click the “Configure” button.

In the pop-up that appears, the API URL should be set to:

You can find your API Key by going to Account > Integrations & API in GetResponse.

Then selecting “API” on the left-hand menu.

We recommend generating a new API Key just for WishList Member™ by clicking the “Generate API Key” button and simply naming it “WishList Member”.

Once you have your API Key, paste it into the box provided.

Click “Save and Close”.

Now, select the “Mailing Lists” tab in WishList Member™. Click the name of the level you’d like to integrate with GetResponse.

In the pop-up that appears enter the Post URL of the GetResponse Subscription form you’d to attach to this membership level.

To find this URL, Navigate “Forms and Surveys” in GetResponse.

You’ll see a list of any Forms you’ve created. Find the one you’d like members of this particular membership level subscribed through.

Below the name of the Form, you’ll see a URL. Copy that URL and paste into the box provided in WishList Member™.

Click “Save and Close”.

Now, when a new member is added to this level, they’ll be subscribed to your GetResponse mailing list through the Form you selected.

Repeat these steps for any other membership levels and forms you’d like to integrate between WishList Member™ and GetResponse.

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