WishList Member 3.0 and Higher

WishList Member 3.0 includes an integration with iDevAffiliate. This can be found in the Setup > Integrations > Other Services section of WishList Member.

This is the recommended method to integration WishList Member with iDevAffiliate.

In order to integrate iDevAffiliate with WishList Member, first log into your iDevAffiliate install. Click on “System Settings” and then “General Settings”:

Copy the iDevAffiliate Installation URL:

Next, log into your WordPress install and head to Setup > Integrations > Other Services and click on the icon for iDevAffiliate:

Click the toggle to enable the integration:

Paste the iDevAffiliate Installation URL into the box provided and click the “Apply” button that appears:

Next, click on the “Pricing & Commission tab. Here, you’ll see a list of your membership levels. Click on the membership level you’d like to set up:

In the pop-up that appears, set the Initial and Recurring Price of the membership (often, these will be the same):

If you’re offering a percentage commission for this level, those settings are managed by iDevAffiliate. You can find them under Commission Settings > Payout Levels. Use the Create and Manage tabs to adjust/create your payout levels:

If you’d like to use a Fixed Commission, click the checkbox in WishList Member and set the Initial and Recurring Commission amounts for this level:

Click “Save and Close”.

Head back to your iDevAffiliate installation. Under “Cart Integration”, select “Shopping Cart Integration Wizard”:

Under the “Built-In Wizard” tab, select WishList Member from the “Cart or Merchant to Integrate” dropdown. It’s under the “WordPress Plugins” section:

Then, click “Continue to Next Page”.

WishList Member and iDevAffiliate are now connected. Click the “View Integration Instructions” button:

You’ll see two options for testing your integration:

We recommend these articles for the latest iDevAffiliate testing instructions as these are generic to any Cart Integration.

That’s it. WishList Member and iDevAffiliate are now integrated.

WishList Member 2.93 and Lower

There is an add-on that was created in the past and it can be added to a site running WishList Member 2.93 or older. It provides the option to do a very basic integration with iDev Affiliate.

Note: This is no longer the recommended integration method. It is recommended to use the newer iDev integration with WishList Member 3.0 mentioned above.

Download WishList Member 2.93 or Lower Add-On Extension | Download Add-On Extension Documentation

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