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Import Members From Different Membership Software

You can import members from an existing site running different membership software into a WishList Member powered site as long as there is an option to export the data from the different membership software.

Note that importing data from one system to another can sometimes lead to unexpected results depending on the type of data being transferred. It is always recommended to create a full and complete back up of the database(s) before any import/export.

WishList Member provides a Sample Import CSV File that can be downloaded from the Members > Import section.

This sample file contains standard member information like name, email address, etc. but it also contains fields for username and password. So those fields can be filled in accordingly if the different membership software will export that information and that can be imported into WishList Member.

Or you can create new passwords for the members and assign those members to any membership level within your site. The Tool Tip beside the “Default Password for New Members” field explains this in more detail.

If you choose to generate passwords during the import, your members will receive an email notifying them of their new password. They can then login to the site to change their password if desired.

Note that the default length of passwords set in WishList Member is at least 8 characters. If the existing membership software does not include passwords at least 8 characters long then you will need to adjust those passwords. The import process will not complete properly if the passwords are too short.

Alternatively, the minimum length of passwords can be edited in the Advanced Options > Passwords section of WishList Member.

You can adjust this setting in order to accept shorter passwords.

Ensure that the CSV file is saved as a Unix file using UTF-8 encoding.

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