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Import Members

To import members into your membership site, navigate to Members > Import.

At the top of this screen, you can download a sample .csv file. The sample .csv file shows how you need to label and construct your member data to ensure it will import into WishList Member properly.

Once your .csv file is ready to import, click the “Choose File” button and navigate to where the file is located on your computer.

You can then import your members according to the following options:

Default Password For New Users
If your .csv file does not contain passwords, you can set a default password all imported members will receive. Simply enter that password in the box provided.

Import Members Into the Following Levels
If your .csv file does not contain the levels each member should be added to, you can select the levels you would like them added to here. Simply select the levels from the dropdown box provided.

Required Fields
Select the fields a member record in your .csv file must have in order to be imported. Member records that do not contain the required fields will not be added to your membership site.

Registration Date
Either use the Registration Date listed in your CSV file OR use today’s date as the member registration date.

How to Handle Duplicate Usernames and Email Addresses
If your .csv file contains duplicate member records OR contains a member record that has a username or email address that matches an existing user in your site, you can choose how to handle that scenario. You have the following options:

  • Skip rows with duplicates. Skip the member record in the database. No existing user data will be updated or overwritten.
  • Replace ALL information and Membership Levels. Overwrite the existing user data including the membership levels they belong to. This will delete any data and levels they currently belong to and replace them with the levels from the .csv file.
  • Update ALL information and Membership Levels. Update the existing user with the new data and membership levels.
  • Replace Membership Levels ONLY. Overwrite the existing user’s membership levels. This will delete any levels they currently belong to and replace them with the levels from the .csv file.
  • Update Membership Levels ONLY. Update the existing user’s membership levels. This will keep any membership levels they belong to and ADD any new levels specified in the .csv file.

Integrations to Process
Should WishList Member process any of the Autoresponder or Webinar integrations for the levels these imported members are added to? Check the box next to the integrations you would like processed for these members.

Notify New Users Via Email
Should WishList Member notify the imported members via email? You can select among the following options:

  • Yes, send email notifications to ALL new users. This will send a New Member Registration email to all imported members.
  • Yes, but send email notifications ONLY to users with randomly generated passwords. This will send a New Member Registration email to the imported members whom WishList Member generated a password for (to inform them of their new password).
  • No, do not send any email notifications at all. This will not send any notifications to the imported members.

Once you have set all the settings for this import accordingly, click the “Import Members” button to process the import.

Updated on April 10, 2019

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