To edit how logins are handled in WishList Member, navigate to the Advanced Options menu inside WishList Member. Then, select the “Logins” sub-menu.

You can set the following options:

  • Notify Admin of Exceeded Logins. If a member exceeds the Default Login Limit threshold, WishList Member will notify the admin IF this option is turned on.
  • Allow WishList Member to Handle Login Redirect. If turned on, WishList Member will handle all login redirects. It is recommended this be turned on.
  • Allow WishList Member to Handle Logout Redirect. If turned on, WishList Member will handle all logout redirects.
  • Default Login Limit. The number of IP addresses a single account may log in from in a 24-hour period. This can help prevent members from sharing their account information. Keep in mind, however, a member may legitimately login from multiple devices with different IP addresses (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc) over the course of a day. Therefore, it is recommended that this number be greater than 1.
  • Login Limit Message. The message a member will see if they exceed the Default Login Limit threshold.
  • Auto Login Member After Clicking Confirmation Link. For levels requiring email confirmation, if turned on, a member will be automatically logged into their account when they click the link in the confirmation email they receive.
  • Disable WordPress Admin Bar for Members When Logged In. If turned on, logged in members will NOT see the WordPress admin bar.

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