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New Member Registration Emails – Global Default or Per Level

An email is sent to a Member once they register for a Level. This includes their account info, etc.

The New Member Registration Email is sent either on a Global Default or Per Level basis.

Global Default:

The global default New Member Registration email WishList Member sends when a member joins a Level can be found in the Advanced Options > Global Defaults > Email section of WishList Member

This will be sent to all New Members when they register for any Level.

If you want to set a specific email for each Level, the Per Level option is explained below.

Per Level:

There is an option to send a specific New Member Registration Email for each Level.

This will allow for the option of a different email for each Level.

This is located in the Setup > Levels > *Click on Level Name* > Email Notifications section.

This is also touched on in the Levels tutorial video around the 18:45 mark

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