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Payment Providers – Connect Member with Transaction ID

A Transaction ID is assigned to a Member during account creation/registration. The format of the Transaction ID will be based on the integrated Payment Provider. In many cases, the Transaction ID ties the member to a payment in the Payment Provider.

If no integration with a Payment Provider is set up, the Transaction ID format will be the standard WishList Member format. Example: WL-0-0000000000

If you have manually created an account in WishList Member and want to connect that account to the payment in your integrated Payment Processor, you can paste the Transaction ID from the payment into the Member account in WishList Member.

Note: Anyone who has purchased through an integrated Payment Provider should have the Transaction ID already applied. But, there are times when you may want to manually add or edit the Transaction ID.

This can be done by clicking the Username of the Member in the Members > Manage Members section of WishList Member.

The Transaction ID for the Membership Level can be viewed/edited in the corresponding field in the Levels tab of the Member profile.

Note: The Transaction ID in the example screenshot is just an example. The Transaction ID may look different depending on the Payment Processor you use.

  • Infusionsoft Format Example – Invoice ID
  • Stripe Format Example – customerID-PlanID

If you paste the Transaction ID from the Payment Processor into that field, it will connect the WishList Member account with the payment in the Payment Processor.

Creating this connection is useful if you are using a Full integration method (any integration option listed in the Setup > Integrations > Payment Providers section of WishList Member)

Full Integration means if a Member cancels their payment in the online Payment Provider, it will communicate with WishList Member and cancel the Level of that Member.

Updated on June 17, 2020

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