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Registration Date Reset

If a Level has a Length of Subscription set, there are options to allow the Registration Date to be reset upon re-registration.

There are two “Registration Date Reset” options for this on each Level.

– Registration Date Reset: For Expired Level

– Registration Date Reset: For Active Level

These options can be found in the Setup > Levels > *Click on Level Name* > Additional Settings section.

(You can hover your mouse over the blue Tool Tip icons on your site for a bit more info on each option)

As an example, you can Enable the Registration Date Reset: For Active Level option to reset the member’s Registration Date if they re-register for an active Level.

So this should reset the registration date if the member re-registers to the same Level using the WishList Member registration form and would extend their Expiration Date.

Note: This also means the day they re-register would be their new Registration Date. So their new registration date would dictate the new Expiration Date. The member would get the amount of time allotted by the Level Length of Subscription from the day they re-register.

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