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Registration Settings For Membership Levels

When creating or editing a membership level, you can set the “registration” settings for the membership level under the Registrations tab. The Registrations tab has several options you can set including:

Member Registration Options

If you have multiple memberships available, it’s possible a member may end up registering for more than on level. For example, they may initially register for your “Bronze” level and later decide to upgrade to your “Gold” level.

In this scenario, we don’t want them creating a whole new member account. We want to let them simply upgrade their existing member account. This is what the Allow Both New and Existing Users option does. It includes an option on your registration page to let existing users login instead of creating a new account.

However, in some case, the Existing Users option may not be necessary. For example, if you only have one membership level. In this scenario, you’d select the New Members Only option.

Finally, certain levels may only be available to existing members. In this scenario, you’d select the Existing Members Only option.

Enable Header/Footer

The member registration page generated by WishList Member includes header and footer sections

By default, the sections are empty. You can enable this option and then add your own text or HTML code to these sections. Once the option is enabled, click the “Edit” button next to the option.

On the screen that pops up, you’ll see a header and footer tab. Add your text or HTML code to the appropriate section and select “Save” or “Save & Close”.

Additional Information

The ability to insert HTML code includes JavaScript code. So, for example, if you are using an affiliate program that requires you insert JavaScript code on an “after payment” page, you can place that here.

Enable Custom Registration Form

You can create Custom Registration Forms in the Advanced Options menu under “Registration Forms”. Once you have done so, you can choose to use any of the custom registration forms you’ve created for a particular level. You can do this by enabling the option and selecting the form you would like to use from the dropdown box that will appear.

(More details can be found in the Custom Registration Form – Apply to Level Knowledge Base article)

Grant Continued Access

Should members retain access to the content they have already been provided after they cancel their membership? For example, let’s say a member joins your membership in March and remains a member until June. At this point they decide to cancel their membership.

Do you want that member to retain access to all the content you released between March and June? Or, should their access to all content be immediately revoked upon cancellation? Turn this option on if you want them to retain access. Turn it off if you want their access immediately revoked.

Prevent user from editing pre-filled information

When a member pays for a membership, they are returned to your site to complete their registration by filling out a registration form. WishList Member will attempt to pass contact information the payment provider has regarding that user to the registration from and pre-fill the appropriate fields.

If enabled, this option will prevent the member from editing that pre-filled information. If disabled, members will be able to edit any pre-filled information.

In most cases, we recommend leaving this option turned off. Member contact information stored in a payment provider can be outdated or not the ideal contact information. Not letting them edit that contact information can lead to out of date records in your system.

Un-cancel on Re-registration

This applies only to levels that allow free registration. Any cancelled members who pay through a payment processor will automatically be re-registered to a level regardless of this setting. However, for free registrations you can choose whether or not to un-cancel a cancelled member from a level if they re-register. This could apply to trial or limited memberships.

If enabled, a cancelled member who re-registers to a level will be un-cancelled and placed back into Active status. If disabled, that member will remain cancelled and unable to access the associated content.

Allow Test or Free Registrations

Do you want to allow members to register for this level for free? If so, enable this option. Once enabled, you will see the “Enable Simple Registration URL” you can copy.

You can click the “Edit” button to edit the suffix of the URL.

You can also use this option to test your registration pages. Enable the options, copy and visit the URL and once you’re satisfied, disable the option if you don’t want to allow others to register for free.

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