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Requirement Settings For Membership Levels

When creating or editing a membership level, you can set the “requirements” settings for the membership level under the Requirements tab.

Please Note: The user will be automatically logged into the site after registration because they have an account at that point.

But, they do not have access to the Level yet so they are unable to access the protected content for that Level. They are logged in and can navigate the site but can’t access protected content for that Level until they confirm or get confirmed.

Once they confirm by using the link in the email that is sent or get confirmed by the site Admin, they will have access to the Level and can then access the protected content for that Level. More details are explained below.

The Requirements tab has several options you can set including:

Require Admin Approval For Free Registrations

If the membership level allows free registrations and a member registers using the free registration option then an admin would need to manually approve their registration if this option is enabled. This option can be useful for team sites or memberships where each new member needs to be manually verified.

If enabled, several notification emails will be sent. You can edit these notification emails by clicking the “Edit Notifications” button. You will then see the following tabs:

  • Notification to Admin. A notification email will be sent to the admin to inform them a new registration has occurred and needs approval.
  • User Waiting Approval. Upon registering to a level that requires admin approval, the user will be sent an email explaining their account is in pending status and will need to be manually approved by an admin.
  • User Approved. Once the admin approves the registration, the member will be sent an email stating their account is now approved and active.

All of the above notification emails can be enabled or disabled and may contain the following options you can edit:

  • Sender Name. The name you would like the email to be sent from.
  • Sender Email. The email address you would like the email to be sent from.
  • Subject. The subject line for the email.
  • Message. The email message.

In the Message section, you can use Merge Codes to auto-populate WordPress and WishList Member data. For example, the member’s first name, last name, email address, membership level, etc. can be inserted. Simply select the merge code you would like to include in the email message and WishList Member will automatically input the corresponding information based on the merge code inserted into the email message.

Require Admin Approval For Shopping Cart Integrations

This option is nearly identical to the Require Admin Approval For Free Registrations option noted above except this applies to members who first pay through a payment provider. You can select whether or not to require admin approval for these registrations as well. All the same options apply as with the Require Admin Approval For Free Registrations option.

Additional Information

For example, you could have one membership that allows both free and paid memberships. And, lets say you give the Free Registration URL (in the Registrations tab) out to friends of yours or special customers. You can turn on Admin Approval For Free Registrations for those free memberships so that you can verify each one and ensure your link isn’t handed out or posted to a forum, etc. Then, you could turn off Admin Approval For Paid Registrations so anyone who goes through the proper payment process doesn’t need to wait for admin approval. That is, of course, just one example of how you might use these two options in conjunction with one another.

Require Users to Confirm Email

If enabled, this option will require new members to confirm their email address before their account is approved and they are able to access the appropriate content.

You can first choose whether or not to enable this notification. If enabled, you can set the notification schedule by clicking the “Edit Notifications” button. You have the following options:

  • First Sent After. How many hours after the registration occurs to send the first notification email to the member.
  • Send Every. The interval (in hours) that subsequent notifications should be sent. For example, if set to “24 hours”. Any notifications after the first email will be sent 24 hours apart until the number of notifications sent reaches the value for “Total Sent”.
  • Total Sent. The maximum number of notifications that should be sent.

You can also edit the notifications that get sent according to the following options:

  • Sender Name. The name you would like the email to be sent from.
  • Sender Email. The email address you would like the email to be sent from.
  • Subject. The subject line for the email.
  • Message. The email message.

You can also use Merge Codes for the notification emails.

Require Terms and Conditions

If enabled, members will be required to click a checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions before being allowed to register for a membership level. Once enabled, you can click the “Configure” button to enter you custom Terms and Conditions text:

Require reCAPTCHA

If enabled, the registration form for this level will contain a CAPTCHA field members must complete in order to register. To configure this option, click the “Configure” button. If you already have your reCAPTCHA public and private key, simply enter those here:

If not, you can create keys for your site by visiting: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin.

Under the “Register a new site” section, enter a label and select which version of reCAPTCHA you would like to use (V2 is recommended). When you select a version, a new sub-section named “Domains” will appear. Enter the domain of your membership site into this box and check the box to accept the reCAPTCHA terms of service.

Once you click the “Register” button, you will be taken to a screen that displays your Site Key and Secret Key. Return to WishList Member and enter the Site Key into the reCAPTCHA Public Key box provided and enter the Secret Key into the reCAPTCHA Secret Key box provided. Click the “Done” button. Then select “Save” to save your options.

You do NOT need to worry about the rest of the instructions on the reCAPTCHA site. WishList Member handles all of that for you.

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