WishList Member includes an integration with Stripe. You can set Members to be added to a Membership Level in WishList Member if they purchase a product through Stripe.

A Video Tutorial and a Text Walk Through (including screenshots) is available below.

Video Tutorial

Please Note: If you don’t see the option to “Send all event types” you can select the following event types:


Also, the option to select all events after you have added your endpoint is available as seen in this short screencast video.

Text Walk Through

To set up the Stripe integration with WishList Member, navigate to the Setup Menu and Integrations sub-menu:


Select “Stripe” from the list of integrations:


Then, click the “Configure” button:


Under the “API” tab, you’ll need to enter your Secret Key and Publishable Key from your stripe account. Click the link provided to be taken directly to the proper page inside your Stripe account:


In your Stripe account under Account > API Keys, copy your Publishable Key and Secret Key from the “Standard Keys” section:


Paste them into the box provided in WishList Member:


Click “Save and Close”.

Next, click the “Webhooks” link inside Stripe:


Then, click the “Add Endpoint” button:


Copy the Web Hook URL provided by WishList Member:


Paste it into the box provided by Stripe and click “Add Endpoint”:


At this point, Stripe and WishList Member can fully communicate with one another.

Next, select the “Products” tab. Here you will see a list of all your membership levels. Click on a level to edit its Stripe payment settings:


If you want to attach one of your Stripe subscription plans to the selected level, select “Stripe Plan” and select the desired Stripe plan from the drop down box:

Please Note: You can create a Stripe Plan in the Products section on the Stripe site.

Here is a Screenshot of where you can select your “Stripe Plan” by selecting the desired Stripe plan from the drop down box in WishList Member.


For a one-time payment, select “One-Time” payment and enter the amount you’d like to charge for the payment:

Click “Save and Close”.

Under the “Button Code” column, click the icon to pop-up the button code to use for this membership level:


Copy the code and paste it into your sales page where you’d like your payment button to appear and WishList Member will take care of the rest.

If you’d like to edit the appearance and behavior of the Stripe payment form, go to the Settings tab and click the “Configure” button. In the pop-up that appears, select the “Settings” tab to edit the behavior of the Stripe payment form:


Click the “Payment Form” tab to edit the payment form appearance:


Click “Save and Close” when finished.

The Stripe Integration – Profile Page Knowledge Base article has more information (including screenshots) on displaying a Profile Page for members.

The Stripe – Edit Payment Form Knowledge Base article has more information (including screenshots) on editing the look of the payment form.

The CSS – Registration Form / Buttons Styling Knowledge Base article has more information about styling your registration button/form.

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