This article will show you how to integrate WishList Member and ThriveCart. We’ll show you how to integrate both regular products and upsells.

Connecting WishList Member and ThriveCart

To integrate WishList Member™ and ThriveCart, log into your ThriveCart account and go to Settings > View Integrations:

Then, Membership Platforms:

And, select WishList Member from the list of membership platforms:

You’ll then see a page similar to this:

Note: The field names in WishList Member are slightly different but the data can still be used.

WordPress URL is used for WordPress site URL.

API Key / Digest Auth Password is used for Wishlist API Key

Log into your WishList Member™ site and go to Setup > Integrations > Payment Providers and select ThriveCart from the list of payment providers.

ThriveCart will ask you to enter your WishList Member™ Site Name, Site URL and API Key. You can enter whatever you’d like into the Site Name box.

Here, you will find your WordPress URL and API Key.

Copy and paste these into the boxes provided on the ThriveCart site and click the “Save WishList Site” button.

Integrating Products

With WishList Member and ThriveCart now connected… when you create or edit a product in ThriveCart, under the “Fulfillment” tab, in the “What should happen after purchase?” drop-down, select the “Add them to my membership site” option.

Then, select “WishList” as your membership platform and the name of the site you just integrated. Choose the membership level you’d like new members added to when they purchase this product.

And, finally, set the login URL of your membership site.

The last step is dependent on how you want to manage your sales page. ThriveCart will give you a checkout URL:

You can simply link to that URL from your sales page OR you can use ThriveCart’s built-in editor to use your checkout page AS your sales page. But, that is ThriveCart-specific functionality. As for as connecting your product to WishList Member, you’re all set.

Integrating Upsells

Upsells are also supported by the ThriveCart and WishList Member integration. You don’t need to do anything extra setup-wise. When creating a funnel in ThriveCart, you simply select the membership level you want the member added to when they purchase an upsell:

And, if they purchase that upsell, they’ll be added to the selected membership level in WishList Member.

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