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WordPress Login Form Custom Styling – Mobile View

WishList Member include the ability to customize the WordPress Login Form. This can be found in the Advanced Options > Logins > Styling section of WishList Member.

The WordPress Login Form can sometimes be displayed a bit differently depending on the device being used to view it.

When a mobile device is used, the functionality of the form is typically the priority over styling. This allows the user to login easily and not have to try and deal with compacted or misaligned fields that may occur due to smaller devices.

This means an image used on that form may be slightly overlapped by the form (or fully overlapped depending on the size of the mobile device – especially phones)

So while the login form may appear like the example below on a computer.

This same form might be displayed with the form being featured more prominently on a mobile device (ex. tablet, phone) since there is less space to work with. This is done in order for the fields to be accessed clearly and easily.

The WordPress Login Form Custom Styling option has been developed to display effectively on many device sizes.

More general information regarding the styling of the WordPress login form can be found in the WordPress Login Form Custom Styling Knowledge Base article.

Updated on June 3, 2020

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