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WordPress Login Form Custom Styling

The ability to customize the WordPress Login Form is included in WishList Member 3.1 and higher. This can be found in the Advanced Options > Logins > Styling section of WishList Member.

Options like removing the WordPress logo, changing the background color, adding an image, etc. are available.

A number of Templates are included and can be used to quickly and easily customize the WordPress Login Form.

Below is an example of a WordPress Login Form that has been customized using one of the available Templates.

There is also a Custom CSS option for those who like to work directly with the CSS code.

Note: You can view the WordPress Login Form for a site by adding /wp-login.php to the end of a site URL.

Example: wlptest.com/wp-login.php

The video below provides additional details on customizing the WordPress Login Form:

More information regarding the mobile view of the WordPress login form can be found in the WordPress Login Form Custom Styling – Mobile View Knowledge Base article.

Updated on June 3, 2020

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